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If you are in the business of project management, an agile approach is a way to go. Use our Kanban Methodology presentation to motivate your team for collaboration, optimize project delivery speed and improve responses to fast-paced market trends. The slides will allow you to improve communication and transparency within the team and enhance proactivity.

Slide highlights

To lower the needs for draining monthly meetings, create an immediate action plan with Kanban feedback loops to improve the team's processes and operations, boost productivity, as well as perfect adaptability, time-management and agility.

Boards enforce prioritization. Use this slide to visually present work on Kanban boards, so your team members can see the state of every piece of project at any time. Trello and Asana are examples of project management tools built around Kanban.

With this slide, measure the time it takes for all tasks and individual tasks to go through the process; work in progress; team performance; evolutionary improvements and bottlenecks (piles of work that is not being completed).

Download and customize this and 500+ other business templates


nspired by the Toyota Production System, Kanban is a framework usually used in the process of agile project management, similar to SCRUM. The method calls for instant communication of capacity and total transparency of tasks. Kanban methodology is widely employed in manufacturing, business, entertainment and marketing industries. Thus, a recent study by Aprimo and AgileSherpas revealed that 53% of marketers said that "faster time to get things released" and the "ability to change gears quickly and effectively" were two of the top four benefits of applying Agile methods to their job.

The Kanban basics come down to six main principles: visualizing work, limiting works in progress, concentrating on flow, making processes direct, improving continuously and implementing feedback loops.

According to eMarketer, applying agile methodology to your workflow is necessary if your team is:

  • drowning in work
  • suffering from fire-drill fatigue
  • struggling with silos and misalignment
  • dealing with morale or engagement challenges
  • delivering late or incorrectly

Download and customize this and 500+ other business templates

Case Studies

The case study conducted by Kanban Tool revolved around a nine-people team, working for BBC Worldwide, over a 12 month period. It traced every step of the Kanban-associated change, focusing on the analysis of the Kanban-boards, the team's daily meetings and the accompanying data. The study also took into account the office set-up, the display of information radiators, the right approach to work and team collaboration.

Soon after the new methodology was implemented, the BBC Worldwide team was delivering software improved within a lead time bettered by 37%, the consistency of their delivery rose by 47% and any defects reported by customers fell by 24%. The team credited its success to: processing the highest valued (by customers) items only, and doing it quickly; minimizing waste by allowing full transparency regarding the task details and also. The team also said that the customers appreciated the Kanban approach as well.

Download and customize this and 500+ other business templates