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Get your team and projects back on track with our Task Tracker deck. Save time you spend to create progress update reports with these custom-built daily, weekly, and monthly checklists. Organize tasks by priority, due date, percentage complete, assignment, and plenty more options.

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45% of employees report Gantt charts as their most-used project management tool. Use this slide to measure tasks accurately, track them across multiple phases of an individual project, and create more precise timelines to share with your team.

Manage team activities across multiple employees with this Task Assignment table. Create a top-level overview of who is assigned which task with due dates. See how many tasks each member has completed and identify bottlenecks.

Use this Goal Tracker to review how often daily tasks are accomplished over a month-long period. Show team members how their day-to-day productivity adds up to define tasks and areas that require greater priority.

Download and customize this and 500+ other business templates


Only 52% of execs think the way their employees allocate their time matches company priorities, while only 9% report satisfaction with their entire workplace's time allocation. 46% of team leaders report "hitting project deadlines" as their biggest hurdle.

That's because most employees spend at least half their week to "rework" projects and poorly communicated assignments — that's over 20 hours of wasted work. This costs small businesses up to $420,000 and large companies over $62 million annually.


According to the Project Management Institute, companies with clear project management structures have 38% more successful projects than those that don't. Companies that develop better project management practices save 28 times more money than those that don't. Use the time and money saved to invest in more innovative ideas for greater productivity.

Download and customize this and 500+ other business templates


  • Improve workflow management. Organize task checklists by priority, due date, and percentage towards completion.
  • Communicate better. Multiple design options allow you to pick the best format to communicate your most important metrics.
  • Hit deadlines. Track goals across weeks and months. Account for tasks accomplished by the hour, days of the week, and months of the year.
  • Build better to-do lists. Editable checklists that communicate team priorities and progress across multiple projects will create a better, more scheduled environment.
  • Account for lost time. Measure time wasted. Calculate the hours budgeted to a task against the actual hours taken. Complete-time audits to fix waste.
  • Hyperfocus on problem areas. Track progress and identify completed tasks, on-track tasks, and overdue tasks. Focus on bottlenecks and reassign tasks with ease.

Use the added productivity to allow time for more breaks. When you and your team are allowed more time for breaks during the day, they come back to work more motivated.


With the support of these Task Tracker tools, you can easily follow the Project Management Institute's recommended BLISS strategy to lead project status meetings:

  • Be efficient with slides that quickly communicate key data points.
  • Look forward or back with multiple daily, weekly, and monthly task tracker options.
  • Insist on accountability with slides that highlight team roles.
  • Simplify your meeting agenda with simple to-do lists and progress report visualizations.
  • Stay focused with slides that can be hyper-tailored to your every need.

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Download and customize this and 500+ other business templates