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Use our 10,000+ pre-made business presentation slides to inform your team of the latest business frameworks, reports, and methodologies. Available in your favorite presentation applications.

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Spreadsheet templates

Interactive spreadsheet templates based on battle-tested financial frameworks. Each spreadsheet comes with an explainer video. Available in your favorite spreadsheet applications.

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Explainer videos

Each template includes an explainer video with examples, case studies, and diagrams that show how the business frameworks and spreadsheet models should be applied

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Frequently Asked Questions.

When will I receive my business resource?

Each week, either on Monday or Tuesday, we will email out a new business resource. You will receive an email from "" To ensure you get our resources emails, send a blank email to "" as soon as you join. You should also add the same email address to your email contacts.

Where can I download my resources?

You can log in and view all our past business resources in one easy-to-use dashboard. When you join you get access to our comprehensive list of business resources, presentations, spreadsheet templates, and business book summaries with audio files.

What kind of resources can I expect?

We share anything that can save you hours of work, or help you develop your career. Anything from executive-level presentations, spreadsheet templates, business framework summaries, among others.

When will I be charged?

You will be charged on the same day of the month that you signed up. For example, if you join on January 6th for a quarter, the next time we will charge you will be on April 6th.

What are "downloads" and their limits?

"Downloads" are the number of templates a user can download during their plan's period.
Because of agreements with the different design agencies we work with, we have the following limitations on the number of downloads a user can make:

Plus Quarterly Subscription: 75 downloads per quarter
Plus Yearly Subscription: 300 downloads per year
Plus Three-Year Subscription: 300 downloads per year

Remember, downloading one template multiple times or in different formats does not count as multiple "downloads". It will just count as one as one "download".

"Downloads" get refreshed on a rolling-window basis. Meaning, if you have a quarterly plan and use a "download" credit, after 90 days you'll automatically regain that "download" credit back. That way you can use all your "downloads" the day your join, or spaced out any way you'd like.

Often our members work on complex problems, under certain circumstances, we may reset the download limit of a user. You can contact us for such request.

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