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Performance Management

Do you struggle to optimize your team's performance? Tap into your organization’s talent potential with tools from this Performance Management presentation. Use this deck to organize and share quantifiable insights on individual and team performance, promote accountability, and encourage continuous improvement from both managers and their reports. 

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Table of Contents

Do you struggle to organize complex ideas into a single presentation? A well-structured table of contents guides viewers through the presentation smoothly and ensures key points are highlighted. Use this collection of ToC designs to elevate your presentation delivery and boost audience engagement.

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Table Designs

Do your presentations suffer from information overload? Use this collection of table designs to simplify complex data and enhance comprehension. With a variety of layouts made for all business purposes, these designs can help transform your presentations into powerful tools for communication and influence.

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Soft Skills Training

As the workplace goes through a transformative time with the rise of automation and AI, what can employees do to optimize their human potential? Use this Soft Skills Training toolkit to navigate your roles with more creativity, empathy, and agility.

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Funnel Diagrams

Do you struggle to pinpoint where potential customers drop off in the sales process? Funnel Diagrams provide clear visual representations of various stages of various business processes. This presentation includes multiple types of funnel diagrams: vertical sales funnel, horizontal funnel, bow tie funnel, and data-driven funnel analyses to tie all metrics together.

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Product Design Strategy

Does your business struggle to align its product with its overarching business goals? Our Product Design Strategy presentation offers the most essential product design tools that bridge the gap between design and strategy, guide the customer discovery process, and streamline internal project organization in order to create the most promising value proposition and feature offerings.

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Workforce Planning

What are the best methods to manage your talent pool at all times? Use this Workforce Planning presentation to align human resources with evolving market demands and adapt to these changes quickly.

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Process Flow Diagrams

How to easily visualize, analyze, and optimize any business process or operation problems? This collection of process flow diagrams not only streamlines communication and enhances understanding across teams, but also facilitates significant improvements in efficiency and effectiveness.


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Marketing Plan

Want to find the marketing channels and campaigns that give you the best returns? Use our Marketing Plan spreadsheet to track Conversion Rate (CR), Return on Investment (ROI), and Return on Ad Spent (ROAS) for each campaign and channel invested. With dashboards and reports available in monthly, quarterly, and annual views, you can monitor the performance of paid and organic content for up to 5 years.

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KPI Dashboard (Part 2)

Enter your data and automatically generate more than 20 charts and diagrams. These charts provide detailed analyses of results and averages, categorized and distributed by month. Precise filters allow our template to adapt to any industry or subject—finance, sales, HR, marketing, or customer support. The template also offers light and dark theme options to match your preference.

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Habit Tracker (Part 2)

Use our Habit Tracker to categorize and track your habits daily, monthly, and annually. It illustrates your progress with a set of charts, making it easy to see how you're doing. Plus, it highlights your achievements and points out areas for improvement to encourage you to outdo yourself month by month.

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Timesheet Template

Manage all work hours, including breaks and overtime, in one place. The Timesheet Template, available in Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets, makes it easy to analyze performance and financials with weekly and monthly dashboards. Plus, you can automatically create PDF reports for a smooth monitoring and validation of work hours across the month.

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Financial Statements Template

Organize income, cash flow, and balance sheets with out all-in-one Financial Statement Template. It offers monthly, quarterly, and yearly data visualizations with a dashboard to assess the company's financial health. It also generates a PDF ready for export, including all three statements' annual outcomes.

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Ultimate Loan Tools (Part 2)

Do you struggle with loan payment and management? Our Ultimate Loan Tools (part 2), available in Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets, will help you to oversee loans, analyze optimal repayment methods, and maintain financial stability to avoid a debt snowball

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Real Estate Pro-Forma (Part 2)

Calculate the performance of your real estate investments over ten years, with monthly and annual visualizations. With our Real Estate Pro Forma template, you can monitor the return on up to ten property units to gain a clear view of your investment over time. Monitor the progress of rental income and related expenses to obtain accurate analyses of profitability, cash flow, and property value.

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PowerPoint Translator

Have you ever found yourself repeatedly copying and pasting PowerPoint slides into Google Translate, trying to prepare a presentation for an international audience? If that's the case, you're probably aware of how slow and sometimes inaccurate this method can be. That's why we've developed the PowerPoint Translator tool. It’s a solution that combines Python and Excel to deliver accurate and culturally relevant translations, all thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Business books

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The Cold Start Problem

When a networked product launches, it faces a chicken-and-egg problem: people need to use it for it to be worth anything. So how do you start the very first network without a basis to work from? Andrew Chen, General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz, calls this the Cold Start Problem. The Cold Start Problem is Chen’s attempt to help us better understand network effects: how to solve the Cold Start Problem, how to scale network effects, how to manage growth plateaus, and so on. Chen’s Cold Start Theory is broken down into 5 stages: 1. the cold start problem; 2. the tipping point; 3. escape velocity; 4. hitting the ceiling; 5. the moat.

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The Design of Everyday Things

How do designers improve their products to work around flaws in human logic? In The Design of Everyday Things, Don Norman teaches the top frameworks behind “human-centered” design system, the three most important areas of design, and why designers must consider additional principles besides logic, such as psychology, cognitive science, and art, to design excellent products that work better across any industry.

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Atomic Habits

Why is it so hard to form new habits and break bad ones? We read Atomic Habits by James Clear, which explores the psychology behind habit formation and the mechanisms that create habits. This book summary includes frameworks to help you (1) make decisions, (2) form habits, (3) simple habit hacks, and (4) how the UK biking team excelled with these techniques, and many more. James Clear posits that the reason is that most people fail to understand what really makes a habit stick. Atomic Habits gives practical advice for how the mechanisms to form habits can be leveraged and manipulated for a person to stick to the habits they want to keep and avoid the ones they want to abandon.

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Rogue Waves

How do you prepare your business for black swan events like pandemics or financial crises? Rogue Waves by Jonathan Brill explores how to prepare for and profit from systemic threats and turn them into outsized opportunities. Brill shares key insights and frameworks to help you (1) understand your current state and the forces that keep you stable (2) run scenarios to learn where to intervene (3) experiment to maximize success, and (4) identify potential threats, plus many more.

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Good Strategy, Bad Strategy

Even some of the world’s biggest organizations do strategy poorly, and incorrectly credit their success to personal decision-making skills. We read the book Good Strategy, Bad Strategy by Richard Rumelt and break down the key insights between good and bad strategy.

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How Will You Measure Your Life

Management theories not only can be applied to our careers, but also personal lives. Think of them as a resource allocation problem. You have limited time, energy, wealth and talent to grow several "businesses", like your work, relationships with your family and your community. Clayton Christenson imparts the top strategies for how to navigate all these competing priorities and come out ahead with a more fulfilling, balanced, and purpose-driven life.

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The Psychology of Money

How should investors manage the inevitabilities of risk? What are the most powerful wealth-building tools that require little technical skill? How do our brains hold us back from a more prosperous future? Morgan Housel answers these questions and shares how human thought, habits, and emotions are intertwined with investment. He shares insights and strategies for how investors can leverage these connections for personal gain — not only financial but personal and emotional as well.

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Superforecasting: The Art and Science of Prediction

Did you know it's possible to make accurate predictions about the future without psychic powers? Given the right practice and strategies to explore, you can become what’s known as a super forecaster. In Super Forecasting by Wharton professor Philip E. Tetlock and co-author Dan Gardner, readers learn about the qualities and skills that make a super forecaster and how you can apply the knowledge to any situation. You will also learn about real-life super forecasters from all walks of life and how to break down even the most difficult questions to achieve the best results.

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