The author uses Pathos, an appeal to the reader's emotions, in several places in the text.

Firstly, the author appeals to the reader's fear of failure by suggesting that negative thinking can sabotage their goals. This is a powerful emotional trigger as most people are afraid of failure.

Secondly, the author uses the reader's desire for success as a way to convince them to adopt a positive mindset. The idea of visualizing success and acting as if the desire has already been achieved is a strong emotional appeal.

Lastly, the author appeals to the reader's sense of self-improvement by suggesting that they need to monitor their thoughts and replace negative images with affirmative ones. This appeals to the reader's desire to improve themselves and their situation.

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The author uses Ethos, an appeal to ethics, by establishing credibility and trust with the reader. This is done by providing advice on how to achieve success and emphasizing the importance of positive thinking. The author's use of phrases like 'essential to have faith', 'act as if the desire has already been achieved', and 'constantly visualize success' are all attempts to convince the reader of the author's understanding and knowledge of the subject matter. This ethical appeal is meant to persuade the reader to trust the author's advice and follow the suggested path to success.

The author uses Ethos, a rhetorical device that appeals to ethics and credibility, by positioning themselves as a knowledgeable guide in the realm of personal development and success. They provide advice on how to manage one's thoughts and emotions, suggesting a deep understanding of human psychology. This creates a sense of trust and credibility in the reader, making them more likely to accept the author's arguments.

The author also uses Ethos by promoting positive thinking and self-belief, values that are widely accepted and respected in society. By aligning their advice with these values, the author enhances their ethical appeal and persuades the reader to adopt the suggested mindset.

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