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Need to showcase the year's achievements? Our Annual Report (Part 4) presentation provides customizable slides that can be used for any business need. It includes slides for growth and market share, product portfolio, revenue breakdown, sales summary, income versus expenses, sustainability highlights, and many more. 

Download and customize this and 500+ other business templates

Growth and market share

Annual reports are an in-depth and comprehensive overview of a company's financials over a full year. Introduce your report with a brief message from the CEO, present your team, then dive into the finances. That's really what stakeholders and any potential investors care about the most.

Highlight yearly growth with the total sales increase, the consecutive year of continuous growth, the operating profit, and the global market share of the company. The shaded area in the image indicates the company's current global market share. You can easily click and drag the pie shape to adjust it. (Slide 8)

Showing your market share is especially useful for markets saturated with established brands and competitors. It proves that your company has found a place in the market. 

Think of the saturated streaming industry. Netflix has a 23% market share. Prime Video has 19% share, HBO Max 14%, and Disney Plus 13%. These companies always make sure to highlight these numbers in their annual report. With all this competition, it's now a lot harder for a new streaming company to succeed. But if you can break through and attract some of that market share, it will look great in your annual report.

Download and customize this and 500+ other business templates

Product portfolio

Did you introduce any new products this year? This product portfolio chart can highlight any new products or services that have been launched. It shows everything in your product line in relation to one another. 

On the left, the slide shows products that are currently generating very little business value, as indicated by the bubble size. These could be new products that have just been introduced, or older products that need a revamp. The products in the middle are more stable. Their margins have improved over the previous year, but  still have room to grow. On the right, show the products that have matured the most and generate the highest margins. (Slide 11)

Download and customize this and 500+ other business templates

With this similar bubble chart, highlight the environmental impact of your products in relation to how much they earned. (Slide 12)

This presentation also includes slides on carbon footprints, emissions reductions, and other related datapoints. (Slide 28)

Sustainability reporting is more important than ever, given its connection to long-term financial value. Stakeholders who analyze your company's performance will definitely want to see it.

Download and customize this and 500+ other business templates

Revenue breakdown and sales summary

Both shareholders AND employees will want to know how much money you're bringing in. This chart uses a popular visualization called a Sankey diagram. Everything in light blue represents money coming in, while everything in dark blue is a subtraction or expense. At the end of the diagram, we're left with the operating profit. (Slide 16)

This sales summary shows a month-by-month breakdown of sales revenue with a fully editable bar chart. (Slide 14)

Another visualization shows sales based on business segment and region. This is especially useful for internal reports to help identify where the most growth is, and which business segments are most profitable. (Slide 17)

Download and customize this and 500+ other business templates

Income vs. expenses

But just because you're generating a lot of sales doesn't mean operating margins are high. Analysts that view the company will want to compare what's coming in versus what's going out.

Pie charts are a great way to show areas of extra spend. Individual sources of Income and various expenses can be separated and color-coded to give readers a quick understanding of the company's finances. (Slide 23)

Download and customize this and 500+ other business templates

Growth rate based on economic projection

Given the state of the economy, it's always important to take into account macroeconomic trends that could impact growth or even cause a recession. Based on a survey of 400 CEOs of large global companies, a whopping 86% are preparing for a recession in the coming months. And only 34% think it's going to be a short one. By presenting figures around a mindset of scenario planning, you can prep stakeholders for the event of a downturn. 

This chart shows your growth rate based on three economic scenarios, including a recession. During downturns, investors like to see major companies are willing to tighten their belts in their annual reports. That's why all the biggest companies, including Netflix, Amazon, Google and Meta are expected to go through multiple rounds of layoffs over the next year. (Slide 31)

Download and customize this and 500+ other business templates

On this slide, the gray areas indicate periods of recession, where a much higher layoff rate is shown. Here, the gray areas indicate hiring freezes or lower rates of hiring during the recession phase. (Slide 32)

To show an integrated growth strategy for if and when a recession hits, use this slide to prove your willingness to pivot. (Slide 7)


The annual reporting process should include input from members of all departments within the company to provide a full view of financials and business performance. Highlight your company's key achievements, goals, revenue and continuous growth with this Annual Report (Part 4) presentation.

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Download and customize this and 500+ other business templates