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Want to save hours on the design and layout of your next quarterly report? Download the Quarterly Report presentation template to look good while you translate important information into a digestible report to be distributed between teams and stakeholders. Quarterly reports incorporate pages and pages of documents, so save hours of work with this completely customizable presentation. The template includes slides on Achievements & Milestones, Financial Ratios, Balance Sheet, and Cash flows, Corporate impact, Projections, Executive Summary, Income vs. Expense, Marketing Activity, Sales Projection, Strategic Goals, 12-Month Roadmap, and many more. Plus, stick to the end and we'll share how a company like Delta or American Airlines breakout their own quarterly reports.

Download and customize this and 500+ other business templates

Tool highlights

Achievements and milestones

Every quarterly report includes a high-level highlight of what the company has accomplished so far. This achievements and milestones slide includes a timeline to visually highlight as many milestones as are relevant. Typically, these are company-wide accomplishments that are qualitative in nature. These highlights could also be new strategic developments that are key to growth. (Slide 6)

The presentation also has slides to recognize teamwide and individual team member achievements to acknowledge the good work of a specific team or team member. These are more for internal quarterly reports, either from a manager to a report relationship or across the internal teams themselves. (Slide 8-9)

Financial summary

Next, no quarterly report would be complete without a financial summary. This could be a high-level overview that gets as specific as execs want. This financial ratio visualization lists the six most common financial ratios on one slide. This helps execs compare results across ratios like ROI and current ratio, which compares whether or not the company has enough resources to meet its short-term obligations. For each ratio, execs can compare Q to Q growth, with one quarter on top compared to another below. (Slide 13)

To outline more details, use other financial statement slides to show profit and loss, balance sheet, cash flow, and many more. (Slide 15-26)

Corporate impact

Corporate impact is another area that's important to highlight in a quarterly report. On one side, highlights of diversity and inclusion and job creation, where key metrics can be underscored. On the other side, execs can provide a quick breakdown of how the company spent resources on employee learning and development, whether that's continuous education, upskilling or other efforts. (Slide 27)

Download and customize this and 500+ other business templates

Corporate social responsibilities

Corporate social responsibility is another area of impact. This slide divides across people and planet impact, where top metrics of both are featured. For instance, under the planet, execs can track reductions in key areas like emissions or landfill waste. (Slide 28)


Quarterly reports should also include projections for the future. Execs can use this visualization as a goal-setting slide with four graphs and a table to cover key financial projections related to any topic. These could be strategic projections, sales projections, or projections related to the investment of resources. In this example, the company's 5-year financial projection is shared along with the KPI of breakeven revenue. This five-year projection could also be adjusted to address the next four quarters instead. (Slide 30)

American Airlines vs. Delta Airlines quarterly reports

When it comes to public-facing quarterly reports, every company reports differently; even companies in the same industry highlight different metrics. For example, compare how two major US airlines, American Airlines and Delta Airlines, break out their public-facing quarterly reports.

Download and customize this and 500+ other business templates

For American Airlines' Financial results, they chose to share 1) fourth-quarter revenue against the same period in 2019 (their last pre-pandemic point of comparison) 2) fourth-quarter net loss, and 3) the total available liquidity, which ended up being the highest year-end liquidity balance in company's history. They also highlighted the 4) the number of passengers safely transported - which was the most of any other US carrier.

For their projections, the airline reported it would continue to match its forward capacity with observed bookings trends, which would lead to a 1) decreased capacity that is 8% to 10% lower compared to Q1 of 2019, and 2) total revenue to be down 20% to 22% versus the Q1 of 2019.

Now let's compare this to Delta's reports. Delta broke out its 1) adjusted pre-tax income, 2) adjusted operating revenue and 3) total operating expenses compared against Q4 of 2019, as well as its 4) remuneration from American Express, which was up 11% compared to Q4 of 2019. Because the company also reported its full-year results, this last metric was highlighted to show that remuneration from its co-branded credit card with American Expres was nearly 98% restored compared to 2019, which signals a positive sign for revenue trends.

For Delta's March 2022 projections, it projected it will fill 1) 83% to 85% of the capacity and 2) 72% to 76% of the revenue compared to March 2019, 3) spend $1.6 billion in Gross Capital Expenditures with approximately 4) $22 billion in adjusted net debt. Because the company has also projected a 5) 15% increase in cost of fuel per available seat, Delta will also raise ticket costs with a fuel surcharge to recapture somewhere between $15 and $20 each way on an average ticket value of about $200.

If you're about to prepare your company's next quarterly report, you need this presentation. Download the Quarterly Report presentation template for more slides on Executive Summary, Income vs. Expense, Marketing Activity, Sales Projection, Strategic Goals, 12-Month Roadmap, and many more to save time and hours of work. And for the full presentation and explainer video, become a You Exec Plus member.

Download and customize this and 500+ other business templates