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Need a printable calendar for 2023 in Excel? Our 2023 Calendar spreadsheet template includes printable visualizations of every month of 2023 in Excel or Google Sheets, which you can download and customize to your needs. The 2023 Calendar template also comes with weekly and monthly displays for your tasks to be accomplished and a dashboard to track your progress to accomplish your top goals for the year. We'll now show you everything included in this calendar.

Download and customize this and 500+ other business templates

Printable monthly views from January 2023 to January 2024

The most important element of any calendar is the monthly outlook for all 12 months of the year. Our 2023 Calendar spreadsheet includes printable versions of all 12 months from January 2023 all the way to January 2024. Each month includes checkboxes that can be checked off either digitally or manually once printed out. This allows you to mark your progress after a task has been completed or an event has been attended.

The colors of the days of the week are consistent across each month and can be edited in the Fields tab. First, select the color you want for each day of the week, then delete the old date, and the calendar colors will update across the entire spreadsheet.

Get more done with a to do list

Did you know that only 12% of people surveyed in 2022 use a dedicated time management system? 88% of employees don't use a proper system but instead rely on their calendars, inbox, and some sort of to-do list to get by. Those that don't use a to-do list just work it out as they go along. Of those surveyed, only 44% feel they have things under control 5 days a week, while 46% only feel in control for one or two days a week. (source)

Because many employees working today rely on their calendars more than any other system, the 2023 Calendar spreadsheet also includes a to-do list to provide some additional process optimization tools. Our to-do list allows the user to log a task, its type (which can be defined however the user wants), the task itself, and the frequency of the task - either a one-off task, or a task to be completed daily, weekly, or monthly.

Then, as repeat tasks are logged, their accumulated progress toward completion is tracked on the right-hand side.

Additional inputs can be expanded to track who a task is assigned to along with the estimated cost and hours expected to accomplish. The actual cost and hours can then be added as the tasks are completed.

The priority, assigned to, and status fields can all be defined on the fields tab along with the color for the days of the week.

Download and customize this and 500+ other business templates

View your tasks via dynamic weekly or monthly views

Now that you've loaded all your tasks onto your to-do list, you can use the weekly view to select the week you want to view and see all your tasks for that week. The color on the side indicates the priority, while the progress to completion and current status are listed below.

The monthly view provides the same functionality to display all tasks for the upcoming month. The task cards include the addition of who the task is assigned to and the due date of the task. This helps teams manage multiple tasks by who is responsible and when the task is due. Filters at the top of the monthly view allow the user to limit tasks by priority and by who is assigned the task for more detailed management.

Whether you are managing a team or managing yourself, these features help visualize your tasks on a calendar so you can better organize your time. Of those surveyed, 91% agree that better time management reduces stress at work, 90% agree it increases productivity, and 86% agreed it would help improve focus on tasks. If you want to utilize this 2023 Calendar spreadsheet and to-do list to increase your productivity, you can download and customize it right now.

Download and customize this and 500+ other business templates

Compare your spend versus revenues

Last, a task dashboard allows you to track all your tasks according to the fields we defined on the to-do list. Filters at the top allow you to select the date range you want to assess, and priority and status filters allow you to view tasks by a specific priority or status level. Below the filters, the Dashboard provides charts to assess:

The work done versus left… and overdue tasks versus total tasks per the given period...

Tasks by their status… their task type… and who is assigned the task…

Tasks by their frequency… and their priority level for all the tasks entered to date.

Charts for estimated versus actual hours… and estimated versus actual cost... total tasks for the year (color-coded to their priority level)... and a pie chart to track the total percent to completion of all your tasks.

No matter what type of calendar you want to create in 2023, our 2023 Calendar spreadsheet template has tools you can use to optimize your productivity. Printable calendars for all 12 months of 2023… color customization to match your preferred visual style… a to-do list to track your most important tasks… and weekly, monthly, and dashboard views to optimize your productivity.

With all the charts and visualizations provided in the 2023 Calendar spreadsheet, you have everything you need to monitor your progress to complete all of your goals in 2023. Now, go check out our 2023 Calendar presentation template and To Do List spreadsheet template for additional visualizations and tools to have an incredibly productive 2023.

Download and customize this and 500+ other business templates